What makes this Young 5's Program Unique?

2 Teachers and an 18 Student Max!

The small class size allows teachers and students to become quickly acquainted and form special bonds. These early relationships foster an environment where  children are comfortable to learn, play, laugh and enjoy their daily experiences. This aids our teachers in giving more individual attention, to each child, to better serve their needs. In addition, allowing your child to develop at their own pace.

An Evolving Classroom!

Never the same journey twice! Many of the basics are always emphasized, but student interests influence the depth of each content area, of the curriculum throughout the year. From rainbows to dinosaurs, plant life cycle to hygiene/health, the interests of the children are continually addressed and the curriculum adapted to teach what the students want to learn about! This class also offers a wide range of large and fine motor activities to help strengthen those little muscles. We even have an early education reading program, for those little ones who are ready!

One Class so many Levels of Education!

Children change so much over the course of a year. This is why we have a very special program designed to meet the individual needs of your child. The Young 5’s class focuses on the development of social skills, the understanding of letters and their sounds, learning math facts and shapes, and to introduce reading, science & social studies. We understand the milestones that your child reaches emotionally and developmentally. Young 5 is for the child who is not quite ready for Kindergarten. This may be a child who has a late birthday (Date of birth is between- Sept. 1st through Dec. 1st) or a “Young 5” (DOB- June 1st-Sept. 1st) who is ready for the academic challenges of Kindergarten, but needs more time to mature socially and emotionally, or vice versa.
Full Day Option- Pre-K (AM) & Young 5 (PM) for the child who desires more one-on-one attention to develop fine motor and reading skills, and thrives in a small class environment. Morning Pre-School helps form a solid foundation in the basic skills of letter and number recognition. The afternoon class, reinforces the basic skills and introduces writing, mathematics, reading, covering in depth the monthly science topics!  Young 5’s also includes a Plymouth Library Membership including special tours & events at the Library, and Bi-weekly Music Classes.

Our Staff

  • All teachers maintain full CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens Certification .
  • All teachers maintain the required 16 hours of annual clock hour training.
  • All teachers maintain perfect records with the Central Registry and are background checked by ICHAT!

Music, Library and Art Classes are available too!

This classroom offers a bi-weekly music class, that encourages students to explore the world through music and kinetic activity. We also have a regularly scheduled Library Day! These activities encourage growth and development in a multitude of opportunities and to express their creativity!

Our Classroom Activities


Our Small group instruction consists of the Daily Activity Centers. Our Small Group setting breaks the classroom into groups of 5-8 children. These children work with a teacher on a concept (language arts, mathematics, science, etc.). Then after 10-15 minutes of activity time the children switch to the next teacher, allowing for each child to receive 2 or 3 centers a day. Each teacher has a lesson planned for the main content areas- Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Art, Social Studies, and other Social or Motor Skills.

This small group setting allows for a calm and controlled activity time in which students can ask questions and get help when needed. We find that children thrive when they are not competing with too many other children for attention.  This also allows for your child to get a more in depth discovery.


Our Large Group setting focuses on important social emotional growth.  In this setting the students focus on appropriate carpet behaviors, learning to talk in front of a group, listening to others share stories, raising their hand to share their stories and participate in movements and songs.  We listen to books, introduce science topics, and review the calendar. We also practice our Letter Sounds Song, to introduce emergent reader skills. This is a great opportunity for your child to practice Kindergarten expectations in a calm, collected and small setting.

Music Class

This class is a truly exceptional music experience! Mr. Justin offers children a great experience with rhythm, rhyme and a good time! Children get to sing, dance, play musical games, instruments and more! This music class meets every other Tuesday!

Snack Time

We will introduce your child to a variety of different fruits and veggies! We follow the CACFP’s menu guidelines for snack.  (Link below) We provide fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt, bagels and much more for your little ones plate! We try to expose your child to as many different new foods and educate their palate too! *We work with all diets and allergies.  ( https://www.fns.usda.gov/cacfp/meals-and-snacks )