Tender Loving Care to Grow by!

Academic Gardens has been serving southeast Michigan for over 39 years! We have the perfect location! Our school is located in a beautiful historic building, in downtown Plymouth. We are within walking distance to the Police & Fire Station, the Plymouth District Library, Kellogg Park, the Post Office, the Penn Theater and many other great local businesses. We participate in many  community activities like Scarecrows in the Park, the Walk of Trees, Ice Festival and much more!

Our owner/operator Bev Venables has been committed to a higher standard of education for our students since 1984. She has committed herself to seeing the good in every child and letting them grow and experience the world at their pace. All our staff members agree, children need to learn through a variety of methods and experiences, but most importantly at their own pace. We continue to hold these principles true for all students, those who are advanced and those who need a little extra. We help teach students, how to help themselves and take control of their own learning!

Our goal is to ensure all of our students enjoy coming to school, making friends, and learning the content areas and special topics we study. This is an important time in your child’s life.  It is a time were their natural curiosity about the world around them can be explored in an educational setting. We provide an environment were they can compare thoughts and discoveries with their peers! We encourage children to be open and understanding to different points of view and solutions. We model problem solving solutions and techniques to help children identify and express their feelings, as well as coping skills for those times when there is no control of the outcome (i.e. losing a game).

Our behavior management philosophy is to be kind, fair, and respectful to all students. We believe that if we treat students with respect and fairness, they will reciprocate it. We hope to achieve the “optimal” classroom- a safe, respectful, and interactive learning atmosphere in which students can achieve their potential.