We provide part-time or full-time care for 3 year-old, 4-year old, and 5-year old students. Our classrooms have open-floor-plans that offer a secure open-space environment. Our playground is a shaded area allow us to foster independence within our students, while they learn to navigate rules, social skills, friendships, and literacy.

Our mission is to provide a wonderfully enriching preschool experience that challenges and nurtures our young students. We seek to instill a life-long love of learning in everyone, students, staff, and parents, who is part of the Academic Gardens family.

We are located in southeast Michigan, downtown Plymouth, in a 100-year-old, ivy-covered carriage house. Which allows for plenty of walks to local downtown business like the library and post office, as well as parks, and events! We pride ourselves in being a part of our community and offering children an experience that is unique, as well as safe and secure.

3 Year Old Program

Our 3 year class curriculum is designed to introduce your child to school in a safe and nurturing environment. We want your child to enjoy school and to harbor good feelings about themselves and learning. We emphasize social skills at an developmentally appropriate level. In this program children will focus on many skills, including but not limited to, Independence, Social Emotional, Fine and Gross Motor skills, and basic skills like letter and number recognition! For more information click on 3 Yr Program link.

4 Year Old Program

Our 4 Year old class curriculum is designed to provide a nurturing, developmentally appropriate program with exciting opportunities and experiences into the world of education. We provide portions of time with small and large group settings, in order to help children learn and socialize in a safe and nurturing environment. We will help develop or support your child’s active curiosity about the world around them. We provide an atmosphere that promotes respect for others and school materials. We also use Handwriting Without Tears as our writing program. This program introduces straight and curved lines. It also uses less intimidating methods to introduce writing letters and numbers. To find out more skill sets, check out our 4 Year Program link!

Young 5

Children in our Young 5’s program will explore several concepts. Children will learn these concepts at their own pace, with a Individual Educational Plan, designed for their success. Children will be taught with Hands-on materials, songs and educational activities. This class is perfect for the child who needs a little extra TLC, or just an extra year of play and confidence building. Students are assessed in a variety of ways; work samples, observations, and yearly growth progression standards. For more information check out our Young 5’s Program link!

Summer Program

Our Summer Program is designed for ages 3 to 8 years old (2-1/2 if potty trained!)! This program really is the best of both worlds! The children will be exposed to a wide variety of activities throughout the summer. We have many scheduled field trips, we have activity buses come to us, and we also have some academic work, to prevent summer brain drain! This program is ideal for children who love science and nature activities, as well as artistic students who enjoy arts and crafts.  Programs will be separated by age. Program goals, content, and activities will be developmentally appropriate for each age group. For more information on our Summer Program click the link!

Music Class w/ Mr. Justin

Mr. Justin’s Music Class offers a variety of experiences! Students in this class will enjoy sing-a-longs, musical games, practice with instruments, and concert performances! This class serves as a fun and exciting introductory music class to help develop a life long love of music. Click the link to find out more about Mr. Justin’s Music Class!

Art Class

Art class is a great opportunity for your child to get to explore their creative side! In this class your child will work with a mix of media, colors, projects, and get a chance to have a free style  art experience.